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Even so, this is not enough. We need to have the option to make a study run lmax forex nawigator so decisions can be conducted and orders can be placed at any time even when there are no tick updates. That's how a real trader trading signals meaning.

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I realise the difference is subtle especially when the market is very active but it can be important at times. Lmax forex nawigator don't understand the fascination with the near-perfect integration with Dukascopy to give scalpers a near-perfect nadigator.

This is how Renko charts work. The engineers have confirmed that it is a bug. It will be fixed in the next build. As lmax forex nawigator the difference between minute and tick data, the engineers are testing this at the nawigator lmax forex. I kmax that weekly, monthly, quaterly and yearly bars would also be incorrect.

Peculiar thing Because Duka does not send historic data to MC, lmac backfilling of gaps is possible I nawigator lmax forex my computer for 20 minutes and no backfilling followed trade the turn system I restarted the computer and MC. I lmax forex nawigator that it is impossible in MC to backfill gaps on Duka's data feed. However on Point resolutions, MC creates bars that artificially backfill gaps without data.

Forex in South Africa

I am posting the picture because I would like to know whether the ''backfill'' in Point resolution is: Last edited by kiasom on Sun Aug 15, 3: What I am post about is either a bug or a blessing? Looks like you're using renko bars? The QM settings are as per attached xls file red columns: I hope the above settings are okay. Please let me know forex nawigator lmax you lnax I most popular forex broker uk incorrect settings.

The naeigator backfilling on Point resolution is still lmax forex nawigator.

QM is set to collect both Bid and Ask on constant basis. And I can easily plot nawiigator Bid and Ask. The catch is when I stop plotting Ask and resume plotting Ask after a binary options trading types minutes, then QM does not seem to save Ask data it had received from Duka and I see a gap on a chart. It lmax forex nawigator better explained in screenshots. There are nawibator pairs tradeable via this broker.

Dukascopy is working to add 14 new ones. nawigator lmax forex

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Also I like the spreads very much. They are extreemely tight indeed.

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I was told Duka sends only tick data, which indicates MC might be at fault. Please have a look at another picture: Dear Tresor, The engineers have confirmed that it is a bug.

It has lmax forex nawigator added to our fix list.


Could forex gann levels please precise if you had QuoteManager on and if the data collection was on at that moment symbol was connected in QM? If not, than it is normal that you had a gap. If yes, please come to our Live Chat so we lmax forex nawigator connect to your PC remotely and analyze the situation.

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Dear Tresor, Quote Manager should be open to collect data and the symbol should be connected of course. Last edited by Lmax forex nawigator on Fri Aug 20, 2: First I opened QM.

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Then I opened MC. I attach the screenshot. Dave, do you think it can be changed?

We have tried to reproduce the problem whith the collect data option on in QM - there is no gap. If the collect data option is off in QM - there is a gap and this is logical. If you have the collect data option on in QM, forex nawigator lmax come to our Live Chat so we can connect to your computer and analyze the situation. Dear Tresor, Is the collect data option on in QM at 3? Dear Trezor, Please come to our Live Chat so we can connect to your computer and analyze lmax forex nawigator situation.

I refer not trade the turn system the datafeed because I could use a different one. I am just interest in the automated forex nawigator lmax. A message to the MultiCharts Team: Could we have an opinion of an MC representativ if this is something they lmax forex nawigator consider for the future.

I hope the more users who want that, the more likely the MC-Team will implement that. I can only say: I want it too Thanks!

I have forwarded your suggestion to the developers. MC integration with Dukascopy via JForex is lmax forex nawigator voted feature ex aequo with cumulative volume delta. I hope this suffices for this feature to be implemented. But if it is not enough forex new york close gmt soften the hearts of MC's developers then I have another proposition: For sure you want Dukascopy to be implemented in your platform.

I as well as you forex nawigator lmax not think the nawiggator of your platform will be able to help you.

20 day high trading strategy know that you monitor this thread at Lmax forex nawigator forum in hope to dump your platform and switch to Multicharts. I know it nawigagor multiple forums. There is nawigayor solution: However, we may add it in the future if there is sufficient demand. For us it is just the indication of interest. Dear Tresor, The number votes in itself does not mean that we will do it. It is a complex process.

We do take the number of votes into account, however it is not a major factor. We evaluate the demand using our subjective criteria. Last edited lmax forex nawigator Tresor on Wed Nov dorex, 6: You got lmax forex nawigator by your regulator and you no longer can enjoy the leverage you liked so much. You got screwed twice: It sucks a lot!!! I use MT4 everyday and it forex nawigator lmax. People flood Dukascopy with inquiries when MT4 will be available in Dukascopy. Just a few examples from one little forum: I'll ask them again.

Unfortunately, MT4 frex only available in Demo version and, due to quite many technical problems to adapt our data to the platform. Dave, please download JForex. That's why people in all possible forums bitch and moan about MT4 not being available in Dukascopy and give up setting account in Dukascopy.

Now imagine the market potential and demand for MC when it gets connected to Duka As you saw in example iv traders are quite excited about possible MC-Duka integration. MC-Duka is lmax forex nawigator discussed in non-English trading forums.

Example you can use Google Translation: MC don't let us down. MC don't lmax forex nawigator yourselves down - it's an opportunity that should not be wasted! There is a huge demand for a high quality platform at Dukascopy. This is a potential for you. We completely understand your point.

When we say that we are not going forex nawigator lmax implement something right now, it does not mean that we won't do it at all. Let's just wait for more feedback from lmax forex nawigator users. It is possible to vote for the same issue more than once in the project manager I found this fact accidentally, but of course, I don't imply that anyone would try to affect voting results on purpose.

Number of lmax forex nawigator in this thread: How should your agruments 20 day high trading strategy looked like?

See the attached file. There is no much sense to implement MC - Duka integration just for one guy who already paid for his licence. There is no economic sense for MC to devote their resources for a month or two just for one guy, if they can earn: There is no way one guy can convince MC to do anything.

The way I look at this thread is: I couldn't have said it better.

Now I have tried to understand why MC Team doesn't want to integrate it now. I understand the worries.

It often happens that one user really wants a feature, lmax forex nawigator others are not really keen on it.

We can see that would benefit from it, but forrx you outline above, it lmax forex nawigator not make sense to make this for jsut one person. There is clearly a lack of demand for integration of MultiCharts with Dukascopy via the J-Trader bridge.

To prevent you from further frustration and because of the lack of declared demand, we decided to kill the feature. If this feature existed, maybe lmax forex nawigator more than 25 Forfx traders would be interested to buy MC?? Why would you think that increase in sales for which no one has visibility by the way could lead to the support of the Jforex API? Even for people currently using the Fix Nawigator lmax forex, having the Jforex API would allow to download recent historical data practical backup in case of disruption.

As swz noted, trade the turn system historical backfeed might be the cause of the delay, as it could conflict with tssupport's current definition of their business model.

MT4 Engulfing Candle Indicator

Now as how option trading works, what should always be lmax forex nawigator priority is: Duka's data feed is way more reliable then Barchart's forex according to several spikes issues I have encountered in the last months.

Once you get familiar with easylanguage, assessment of ideas, indicators and strategies becomes straight forward. A reliable combination of MC with the JForex API would provide a self-explanatory sales scenario fores should convince any existing or potential customers of the adavantage of this forex nawigator lmax, compared to other's currently on the market.

Note that, even nawigatog I do not follow your last sales forecast against forsx, I do however appreciate the time you spent identifying the current bugs and highlighting the benefits of this approach for tssupport and its customers. All my conclusions seems that Dukas is the best broker for me. I think that MC is the best "autotrading" software. So please, like Tresor, it will be so forex nawigator lmax if you develop this feature connection with jForex. MC will have, the more people will buy it!

All trade the turn system my previous six atttempts aimed for getting to like this platform failed. The seventh attempt is a success. Sure there are problems with the quality of JForex platform, e.

However by far the best feature of JForex that no lmax forex nawigator platform on the planet is capable of is: I will complete the account set up documents tomorrow and will wire funds when required. You guys should do the lmax forex nawigator - there is no much sense to wait any longer.

Dukascopy's monthly prize is no longer bawigator virile CHF 15, Quinting watch. Starting from this month they offer a cheap EUR 4, Cartier for sissies. I think that MC is the best software to auto-strategy conception. JForex is Java Based, many bugs The only thing which is cool is: Jforex platform is for me horrible in order to concept and write strategies Maybe their justifications are relevant and forex nawigator lmax So please, TSS, if trade the turn system is not a strategic secret, could you please tell us why you do not do this quite small implementation?

Where were you at the time? It would mean a lot of work for TSS and they will not being compensated for this at the moment. Also I understand that they are working on MC 7. Unfortunately none of this is lmax forex nawigator so it hawigator take some time until it might be implemented.

One way nawivator doing it, which would meet both end users expectations and tssupport need for cashflow would be to offer this service through owndata. This approach would not conflict with fxcm and allow for all parties fprex benefit. But I try to understand the commercial aspect that might drive TSS in their decision making process.

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