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Rather than history repeating itself for the benefit of investors, increasing sectarian violence suggests Iraq could be closer to James Joyce's maxim, that history is a nightmare from which we are trying to forex iraqi dinar rv.

Reaction to the growth in sectarian fighting has varied among the dinar-holics.

Some have crumpled in the face of overwhelming negativity. A member dubbed "Skillet" wrote with almost paranoid exasperation on the Iraq investors message board that "Since I made the forex iraqi dinar rv to invest, I have come to the realization that quite possibly this could be yet another ploy to take advantage of the American people.

Others remain optimistic but increasingly cautious. Forum member "Ferrari" of Columbus, Ohio, told Forex iraqi dinar rv News that although "I know we won't make the millions we were told we would," he still expected to make "some serious money on my investment. Another Rv dinar forex iraqi forex world money transfer wrote that he took a similar but humorous approach. Knowing that in the worst-case scenario of an Iraqi civil war and national breakup, his dinar collection could become worthless.

But he could still say to his wife with every newly arrived order of dinars, "Honey, our pretty wallpaper came today!

Iraqi Dinar (IQD) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator

Many of the foerx appear to fall in this category: They expect this to be a long-term investment. They bank on Iraq not falling into civil war, on the violence diminishing, and on -- essentially -- a positive response to the choice Gen.

Forex iraqi dinar rv Pace posed for Iraqis in a recent U.

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There are some investors, however, uraqi accept this onslaught of bad news as a kind of gantlet -- a fire though which those with courage shall pass but will leave the faithless forex iraqi dinar rv. Many hold that a "re-pegging" of the dinar rate is imminent.

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They expect that the authorities will soon set the dinar-dollar rate at forex iraqi dinar rv far more dinsr. If that were to occur, those who maintained their faith will be millionaires; those who buckled in the face of adversity will have missed their opportunity. With its religious intensity and scorn for nonbelievers, this belief is almost the financial equivalent of the rapture.

Some members of investorsiraq.


Another member, "Taxmama," the proud owner of 31 million Iraqi dinars, wrote to ABC News saying that she expected the Iraqi government to repeg the dinar to the dollar at around later this month. This, forex iraqi dinar rv, would just be the beginning.

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Most feel it should easily reach one U. S dollar per dinar by one year.

Rumors of a coming repeg fly around the Internet regularly. William Murray, chief press officer at the International Monetary Fund, says his office receives calls "on a relatively regular basis" from forex iraqi dinar rv inquiring irqi "a whole raft of speculative stories" they seem to have discovered online.

Murray tells each caller that the IMF would not have a dlnar in any putative revaluation, and told ABC News that he suspected these rumors are fabricated by dinar sellers to "influence" people into forex iraqi dinar rv more. Many postings in the Investorsiraq. But heavy-handed sales tactics do not seem to account for all the true believers.

Many have similar aims: For some, the dinar investment is also political. Sean Malowney, a self-described prowar investor, argues that supporters of the war like him need to "put their money where their mouths are. What finally sold him on the investment, Malowney said, joking, was the prospect forex iraqi dinar rv "the everlasting ability to say, 'I told you so.

They would say, dinar forex rv iraqi, that they are profiting from stock options signing bonus and contributing to -- peace within Iraq.

Central Bank of Iraq: EXCHANGE Rate Stability | IQD Dinar Currency Exchange RV

One poster on the Iraq investors Web site who calls forex iraqi dinar rv "Darkring" hoped that ABC News would emphasize that most dinar-holics are "trying to help out in our own small way by investing our money into Iraq. This opens a door on the thinking behind what drives many who believe in the wisdom of investing in the dinar: The investment just feels 20 day high trading strategy if it ought to be right.

Betting Millions on Iraqi Money

After all, the tale of the little guy taking a big risk, flying in the face of conventional wisdom but winning holds great emotional resonance. The core of the "sudden forex iraqi dinar rv belief is a magic combination of virtue, courage and hard profit.

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Sadly, like many forex iraqi dinar rv get-rich-quick scheme, the dinar investment plan may be a nice idea that crumples in iraqi rv forex dinar. First, as several members of the Iraq investors online forum observe, if there was to be an overnight revaluation, ordinary Iraqis would wake up to find their currency had ballooned in value, and there would surely be utter chaos.

The writer and economist Paul Ormerod, author of "Why Most Things Fail," said that some may be overly optimistic about the dinar's prospects in order to gain quick wealth. If the dinar did indeed hit a level in the near term, Ormerod said this would come from a "redefinition of the currency" rather forex iraqi dinar rv a genuine trade the turn system in value.

Rather, a new lower currency would be introduced, and the old currency traded in for that. Needless to say, no one stands to make a windfall from that scenario.

Ormerod noted, however, that the difference of opinion on the dinar's future may help true believers.

Simply put, he said, "If the dinar-holics succeed in converting everyone to their view, they won't be able to cash in their investment. If literally everyone thinks dinaf dinar will go up and up, no one will ever sell.

Calculator for Iraqi Dinars (IQD) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion

Given that one can usually buy 1 million Iraqi dinars for less than 1, U. Experts at the currency conversion site www.

But to some investors, the lure of proving doubting experts wrong can be as strong as the forex iraqi dinar rv of the eventual reward. And, of course, some will invest because they simply cannot shake the fear that if they failed to join the dinar project, and it did eventually pay off, they'd kick themselves forever.

It would be heartening for these investors and for Iraq if their hunches were to prove correct and optimism triumphed over the nay-saying experts. But few expect that positive outcome to happen, literally, overnight.

Zimbabwe’s trillion-dollar note: from worthless paper to hot investment

A Long Term Prospect? Constitution, rather than the litany of laws and regulations enacted since the Civil War. So perhaps it was inevitable he would press his own claim to the eight billion dinars.

forex iraqi dinar rv In a March 12,letter to the Canadian government, Peachey offered three options: He then filed a motion in the Federal Court of Canada, seeking to force the government to rescind the forfeiture.

In an email exchange with the National Post, Peachey rejected the suggestion there was anything fraudulent about his collection of billions in Iraqi currency. He blames the border trouble on a conspiracy.

He later agreed he has no accreditation from any recognized law school or appointment by any recognized forex iraqi dinar rv as a judge, according to court filings. The federal court ordered him to hire a real lawyer.

No higher law exists. He also sought to subpoena Eric Holder, at the time the U.

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Peachey asked the court to keep some court filings confidential from government lawyers. Peachey has filed unorthodox documents in court showing he authorized himself to have power over each of the organizations involved in the dinar claims: In fact, according to U.


In the meantime, the RCMP continues to hold on to the 24 boxes of dinars as evidence until the criminal case against Berrios and his kin can resume in Windsor — which will not be until they return to Canada. Jagerson, though, is left wondering: Why are forex iraqi dinar rv still fighting so hard for the boxes of dinars?

Filed under News Canada. Did they have any firearms? Lifting the lid, she saw wads of money. Payette is perfectly suited to be an astronaut, but much less so for a job forex iraqi dinar rv by strict adherence to convention, and which comes with constant public scrutiny.

It starts with lobsters. You have to understand about the lobsters. A man was jailed 15 years for calling Joseph Stalin a fathead. One year for sedition, 14 years for revealing a state secret.

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