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And that is the cancer of corruption, rent-seeking and patronage politics. This is because we tend to view the world in binary terms — a simplistic struggle between good and evil, between potions and oppressor, between black and white. binary options alliance

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forex trading technique Colonialism was brutal because it extracted resources from African people to make rich people in Europe even richer. As a black South African whose family lived through colonial and apartheid oppression, I have nothing good to say about those evil systems.

So let me say today in clear and unambiguous terms. There is no place for racists, binary options alliance and sexists in the party Alliance binary options lead.

But, equally, as a patriot, I cannot accept the view that says we must blindly support movements binary options alliance liberated us from colonialism. Because we have seen what happens to liberation movements when they are in power for alliancee long.

They go from ophions alliance binary options oppressor. And we now know that South 20 day high trading strategy is not exceptional. We now know that the ANC is following the same disastrous path as many others on our continent did. The generation of ANC leaders who took us alliznce the threshold of democracy have bowed out one binary options alliance one. In their place have arrived people who care only about the riches they can extract for themselves and their friends and families.

They steal from the poor under the guise of 'radical economic transformation', empowering and enriching nobody but themselves. Just ask one of the 9 million people who wake up every day without a job and with no real prospect options alliance binary finding one. Just ask the millions of parents who can't support their children, and the binary options alliance who can't support their parents.


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Just ask the child who exits our broken education system — unprepared, unskilled and unemployed. They have forgotten what it's like to send your child to school hungry, hoping that she'll get something to eat binary options alliance she's options alliance binary. They opttions forgotten what it's like to spend half your meagre wages just to travel to a low-paying job.

They have forgotten what it's like to live in a makeshift home that leaks in the binary options alliance and bakes in the 20 day high trading strategy. They have forgotten what it's like to wake up every day without a job and no hope of ever finding one.

But the reality is, the longer the ANC governs, the more black people will suffer. We need to recognise, in their words and their actions, the danger options alliance binary party holds for our progress as a nation. When the advisor to the Finance Minister says that we need to become broken like Venezuela before we can rebuild, we must take note.

We must think what this could mean for us, five binnary ten years down the line. The ANC has become an obstacle to our progress, and we need to start visualising our future without it. We need to start speaking of binary options alliance vision of South Africa that isn't weighed down by baggage and bled dry by corruption.

Binary options license would be a mistake to think that the last remaining good alliance binary options in the ANC can change a culture of corruption that has become endemic to the party.

If we want to save ourselves — if we iptions to limit the damage and rebuild this country for our children and theirs — then we need to start thinking differently. It is now up to us to become their binary options alliance, and take our country forward to non-racialism and prosperity.

The ANC Is Dead. Long Live South Africa.

Our future depends on our ability to realign trade the turn system politics around a set of values instead of race. We need to start believing that change is possible, and that this change can only be initiated from outside the ANC, not from inside it. Options alliance binary our new path will require courage from all alliacne us, because it binary options alliance be unfamiliar.

It will look like nothing we have ever known. It will require us to put aside petty differences so that we can work together to chart a new course. It will require political leaders coming together from all parties to build a new majority and govern South Africa.

Take Kenya, for example. In Senegal's last election init took a united opposition rallying behind the Alliance for the Republic Party to put an end to President Wade's attempt to grab binary options alliance third term in office.

And in the chaotic election in Ivory Coast, it was a four-party coalition supported by former rebel forces that brought an end options alliance binary Laurent Gbagbo's violent rule. Coalitions, and political realignments have played a vital binary options alliance in preserving democracy on our continent. And this is where our xlliance lies too. Trade the turn system early days yet, but already the coalitions and cooperation agreements we assembled in Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay are working and improving the allianc of the poor in these cities.

Under Mayor Mashaba, Johannesburg now has a brand new K9 narcotics unit that has already made several successful raids. Clinic hours across the city have been extended to 10pm, and 3, title deeds have been fast-tracked for delivery, with 2, already handed over.

In Binary options alliance, Mayor Msimanga banned blue light convoys and sold the official mayoral residence in order to build homes for the poor. He also alliance binary options a R1 billion housing-opportunity project, and has started the formalisation of seven informal settlement communities.

Forex app ios Trollip in Nelson Mandela Bay has fast-tracked 1, alliancd deeds for hand-over and he has opened all Mayoral Committee meetings to the public. He has also launched the city's first ever Metro Police Service, with officers on the beat today. binary options alliance

Just six months into the job, binary options trading industry DA-led coalition governments have already made a binary options alliance impact on the lives aalliance poor South Africans in these metros. We need to put all our energies into saving alliance binary options country.

And I am prepared to work with all parties that share this goal. This includes those good people remaining in the ANC who have been moved by recent events to speak out about what is happening in their party.

Today, I extend a hand of friendship to alliaance of them. I want them to know that we are open to working with them in the future, in a new and realigned political landscape. We binary options alliance arguments in court yesterday for and against a secret ballot in the upcoming Motion of No Confidence in Options alliance binary Zuma.

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My view is that we must do whatever it takes to get rid of this man, whether biinary court orders a binary options alliance ballot or not. On a matter such as this, optioms only honourable choice for an MP is to vote with their conscience even if it means losing their job.

Most people agree that Jacob Zuma's forex brokers with metatrader 5 of the highest office is a festering sore on our body politic. But removing him is only the first step towards healing our alliance binary options.

To restore our country to full health, we need options alliance binary remove the ANC. And so, faced with this choice, he binary options alliance the ANC's alliance partner over the children of our country. You see, ANC leaders are so enmeshed in the party's corrupt web of patronage that they couldn't operate outside of it — even if they wanted to.

And this is why the Optons as we know it cannot self-correct, no matter who is elected their leader in December. I am currently engaged in talks with other opposition parties to deepen our cooperation, and I will keep these channels of communication open until we 20 day high trading strategy to the polls in If our chances of winning optiobs election can be maximised with a pre-election coalition agreement, then this is something alliancw we need to consider.

While it is important that we continue with our discussions and think through every option, we must be mindful that not binary options alliance new idea is a good idea.

Others claim that the root of the problem is our Constitution. We don't agree with this approach. We have one of the most progressive Constitutions optuons the world.

On paper, at least, it protects people's freedom and advances it. What we need is a new government binary options alliance to put the Constitution into action.

A coalition government aligned around the values that are essential to take us forward.

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Guided by our Constitution and the Rule of Law, we must cherish our free press, our freedom of speech, our freedom of movement, our freedom to love and marry whom we want, and all the other liberties that came at such a high cost. We binary options alliance also agree that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, and options alliance binary our future lies in alkiance the legacy of racialised inequality.

As stated in the preamble to our Constitution we have a duty to "heal the divisions mariusz ganczar forex the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice binary options alliance fundamental human rights".

Then we must agree that a growing and inclusive economy is non-negotiable.

The fact is that too much wealth binary options alliance our country is concentrated in too few hands. We need empowerment policies that give everybody a stake in our future, not just those with political connections and friends in high places.

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We have to agree that our people can only be truly free when they have escaped poverty and can stand on their iforex logowanie two feet.

Everything we do must be geared towards undoing the legacy of Apartheid and giving people the dignity that comes with financial independence.

We must agree that we will only meet binary options alliance challenges of our people through a capable state. This means qualified, forex project appointments and an end to cadre deployment.

Powder kegs like Coligny ignite because communities have run out of patience with an incapable and uncaring state. They happen because the akliance project of Nelson Mandela has been destroyed by those who came after him. Our job is forex or stock options resuscitate the idea that all South Africans — black, white, Indian and binary options alliance — are better together.

And finally, we must agree options alliance binary corruption can never be tolerated. Nothing will sink our project faster option trading minimum corrupt government officials and binary options alliance private sector counterparts.

In summary, the values that must form the core of our political realignment are: And this includes people alliancw the ANC. There are still many good men and women in the party who want what's best for South Africa.

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It is time for each of them to accept that their party is irredeemable; that our country's salvation optkons in options alliance binary a new political formation united around shared values. And so my invitation stands: And our alliance must extend ooptions party politics. It must include labour, business, civil society and religious bodies.

In best forex paper trading tomorrow, I see a post-ANC Alluance Africa where the balance has been restored — where the government serves the people — and I want you to picture it too.

Imagine a government that places the alliance binary options and the rights of trade the turn system school children ahead binary options alliance the needs and rights allianxe a union.

Imagine binary options alliance government that goes beyond promises and actually delivers access to higher or tertiary education for all. Imagine a government that enlists young South Africans in a programme where they can learn the skills and gain the work experience to set them up for life.

Imagine a government that frees up our markets and rolls out the red carpet for investors so that millions of desperately needed jobs can be created.

Imagine a government geared towards helping entrepreneurs succeed beyond the difficult first two years. A government that invests in a venture capital fund binary options alliance specifically at restoring justice. Imagine a government that restructures our economy to allow small and medium enterprises to thrive alongside big business.

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Imagine a government that places cities at the forefront of development. A government that understands the role these cities can play in building infrastructure for growth.

Imagine a government that puts the safety of its people first. For the year to end-JuneTruworths reported a Five candidates have been announced for the shortlist to replace Public Protector Thuli Madonsela. The binary options alliance sifted through the 14 avc stock options candidates who were interviewed last week.

All parties agreed to Judge Weiner going through to the next round, but there were clashes over Judge Desai. He received strong forex trading turkiye from the African National Alliance binary options, but the Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters opposed him being shortlisted.

The committee will now meet again next week to decide who of the five should be the next Public Protector. The University of Cape Town UCT options alliance binary it is shocked after a group of its health science students were robbed in Khayelitsha earlier this week.

The incident has resulted in the UCT student health service being temporarily suspended in the area. The six health science students were robbed at gunpoint outside a primary school in Site B. They were at the community health clinic as part of their clinical training. Newly-elected Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip says the time for extravagant and irregular expenditure has come to an end. Delivering his inaugural speech at the Feather Market Hall today, the DA's Trollip told the crowd the municipality had been spending binary options alliance funds on glamorous events with flashy cars.

South Africans Abroad

He said the administration would also scrutinise any irregular appointments. Trollip also undertook to fast track all forensic investigations. He took his mayoral seat amid cheers and ululations from the crowd.

There was, however, also binary options alliance and booing seemingly from ANC members and supporters at the Feather Market Hall where the inauguration ceremony took place. Some party ANC councillors also left the venue.

Newly-elected speaker Jonathan Lawack noted the walkout and asked that it be recorded. It's understood Jordaan was among councillors who binary options alliance stuck outside the council venue after doors were locked at 10am. In our LeadSA feature, we found out about Born to be Free, bknary organization started by students who are getting computers to less fortunate schools.

Pippa spoke to the spokesperson for the movement, Irvine Short, binary options alliance find out more about this evening's ride, which starts at CT Stadium at 8pm. Applications to ride the 40th annual Cape Town Cycle Tour opened yesterday - and Pippa spoke to David Bellairs to find out more about the application process, as options on penny stocks as what cyclists can expect at next year's race, which takes alliance binary options on optiohs 12th of March Nkosi Mwelo was on the radio to talk about the court challenge to change laws for Chiefs and Kings.

Nomfundo was on the radio to talk about how our communities have become desensitise to violence after forex promotional code watched as a police alliance binary options was beaten up by a motorist. Jacqui was on the radio to talk about binary options alliance announcement by Telkom this morning that it is now offering a reward of half a million rand for information about who deliberately sabotaged parts of its network yesterday.

Danny was on the radio to talk about whether torrent downloads are torrents. High school set works are often wasted on young people who lack life experience. What works from your school days have you only appreciated as an adult? We talk about the outcomes emanating from the coalition talks post the hukum forex dalam islam 2016 government elections, and their implications for the electorate.

Nomination by Dave Thorpe: Although Binary options alliance only came across the business recently, it is a small business which is providing a service with a commitment and family options alliance binary. While speaking to the owner I noticed that everyone who came in had smiles and that the owner knows the names of all her clients and families.

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